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I emerge from behind
My mask, please,
Take a look and see
If I’ve changed, or do you
See the same man I was before!
Look into my eyes
For they’re very sad
As they remains within
A shattered frame
Too many faces I have been
Longing to be unafraid and
Emerge forth in happiness
Once again!
It is you who caused me
To hide behind this facade
Knowing that the dream
I was dreaming was never
Real, losing my identity
As my disguise grew and
No longer caring to be revealed!
The soul is not dependent
On physical outwardness
And true value is not placed
Upon one’s face rather
From the inner self
Which is in control
God’s expression is
Shown through
Natural explanation
By character and
The gooodness that shines
From inward to our outer shell!
There must be more
Than what meets the eyes
And what it chooses to see
Beyond the given form,
The mask I wore must
Be grieved and scorned
The stain removed with
A new face born, the one
That clearly is me now!
Romeo Della Valle
© Copyright -2021
Delray Beach, Florida

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